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Do you have the luck and know how?

Players: For 1-4 players

Aim of the game: To strike it rich!

Rules: Every player starts with 100 points. You pay 10 points each time you take a turn. You will face a number of challenges and you must decide the best thing to do. You will win or lose points based on the wisdom of your decisions - and how lucky you are!

The winner is the player with the most points at the end. Good luck!

How to use this interactive

— Step 1 —

Select 1 to 4 players.

— Step 2 —

Each player will be presented with a situation. You will be able to choose between options or in some situations, you will be given the option to spin the wheel. There are a maximum of 12 situations for each player.

Did you know you can use this interactive on an iPad?
This interactive does not use any Flash so just visit the Australian History Mysteries website on your iPad to play.

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